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Securing a Linux Web Server in 10 Steps or Less

Learn the basic approaches to securing linux based web servers without getting too technical. This talk will be useful for anyone running a linux server with full root access.

You don't need to be an experienced system administrator to understand and use the content of this talk. But if you are a full time system admin you will get to know a structured way of looking at server security.

The following types of servers running Linux Virtual Private Server/Dedicated Server/Rackspace Cloud Instance/Amazon EC2

Not going to help if you have your website on Shared servers like Dreamhost/Go Daddy/Host Gator

You will learn the holistic way of securing a linux server which can serve web sites. The 80/20 rule about hardening your linux web server with minimal effort.

In Brief This is what we will cover

    Reducing the attack surface.
    Patching and Updates
    Securing Secure Shell Access
    Securing Apache
    Securing MySQL
    Logging and Monitoring
    Setting up a basic firewall

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