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What we learnt at iA when working on large-scale design projects

A large corporate presence, a news site, a complex backend tool, a SAAS platform: raw concept and design work is only part of what it takes to make large scale web design or redesign projects successful.

Projects that warrant the investment of hundreds of concept and design days usually take place in complex, sometimes entrenched corporate settings in which awareness building and change management, the quality of business, market and process analysis, the correct consideration of technological feasibility and technological agendas and, last but not least, the quality and depth of user research can make or break a project - or even the project owner's business.

In this presentation, I will describe a set of modules that help us successfully manage large scale design projects at iA.

My talk targets project managers or product owners planning and and steering large scale web design projects, be it in an agency or on the client side. People who simply want to build design awareness within their company might find one or the other nugget too.

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