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Zeno Crivelli shares his story with the audience who, in the process, learn cool stuff about HTML5 Video and other modern Web technologies.

SublimeVideo started 3 years ago as a demo of the first HTML5 Video player with custom controls. Following a very big community response, we decided to turn it into a product and service with the goal to provide the best possible HTML5 Video playing solution on the Web.

In this talk I plan to tell the SublimeVideo story, how it was born, why we grew it into a web service, and why we decided to spend over a year to develop an entire framework around it, which we've recently launched (in December).

At the same time, I'll use our story as an opportunity to cover several aspects of HTML5 Video - challenges, origins, current state and future.

The talk will go beyond HTML5 Video and will cover other aspects of front-end web development. In particular, I'll present the graphics layer that we built into our SublimeVideo Horizon framework which allows to draw and render pixel-perfect UI elements across any browser and the latest mobile platforms, using different technologies like SVG and Canvas.

I'm co-founder at Jilion where I lead the development of SublimeVideo.

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