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Maintainable frontend development with BEM

BEM is a methodology, a way of thinking when developing web interfaces. Besides, BEM is a toolkit to develop faster and better. And also BEM is a range of reusable code libraries. All of them are hosted on GitHub ( and are completely Open Source.

Created by Yandex, a local search giant, BEM came to be a standard of developing frontend in Russia and the neighboring countries.

This presentation is going to share with you our cutting edge technologies and methods to make web projects fast-to-develop, easy-to-maintain in the long run, write reusable code and build scalable teams. I am a front-end developer working for Yandex since 2008. Now being a team-leader of development an UI framework (CSS/HTML/JavaScript + templates) for building Yandex-style sites, I'm also pushing some internal front-end technical solutions into Open Source.

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