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To encourage designers to proactively reduce exposure of unnecessary details in their designs.

Design, esp. on the web, is not just pixel perfection. It is perhaps as important, if not more, to deliver a friendly and coherent experience from the very first point of interaction. Behind the scenes every product is driven by a complex system, the internals of which — be it technology, implementation or business speak — are far from comforting for users. However, often as designers or as product/business owners, we overlook such elements that trickle through our products and expose themselves leading to a disconcerting experience. We'll take a look at some examples where details are unnecessarily exposed (e.g. revealing file extensions in URLs) and why creators and designers of systems should try utmost to identify them and make them invisible in their products.

I am a co-founder of Miranj, a web design studio in New Delhi, and have been making websites for a few years now. I am a programmer at heart, love music and a foodie who prefers coffee over any other beverage.

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