JSFoo chevron_right 2015

Amit Kapoor and Ashok Kumar - Learning djembe visually with p5.js

Music visualisation is not new. Winamp and iTunes have been doing it for years. But they are designed to augment the aural senses with a nice visual display. But what if we could visualise music for not only our aesthetic senses but also for learning the music. We all learn differently - aurally, symbolically, visually and kinesthetically. We will have live djembe play and see if we can all learn music visually together. This is a live demo and what could possibly go wrong!

  • How can we see sound?
  • Can we see how loud it is? Can we see all parts of it?
  • We can all tap to a beat. Can we find the beat and show it?
  • Can we show the pattern in the beat? Boom Boom Pa!

For the technically inclined, we will leverge HTML canvas and Javascript Web Audio API using p5.js. But basically this is a fun talk to explore creative coding to learn new things.


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