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Arnav Gupta - Full stack home automation prototyping in Javascript

In keeping with Atwood’s law, we have come to a stage where everything from hardware to server to user interfacing, all can be done with Javascript. To create a prototype of a home automation system we can use the following technologies :
1. BoneScript on a BeagleBone Black to control the hardware. (A BBB, is just like a a Pi, a microcontroller board). Our little Bonescript program will control the lights/fans etc of the house, to turn them on/off. (Tivia: The BBB has a full-fledged IDE - Cloud9 which itself is written fully in JS, on which we will code)
2. Nodejs to create a RESTful server on BBB that will be used to direct the on/off commands. We intend to create a simple interface that can take http://myhome/switch/light1?cmd=on or http://myhome/switch/fan2?cmd=regulate&val=3 type requests, and control the hardware accordingly.
3. AngularJS to create a simple, good looking and easy to use front end. Ideally a responsive webpage, with various switches and knobs to control your appliances. Can be opened from your laptop/tablet/mobile.

I’ll be bringing along a BBB and some LEDs etc to represent lights of a room, and would be able to give a quick demo where I would show how to control lights from your mobile.


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