JSFoo chevron_right 2013 Day 2

Our experience building a complex web app entirely in AngularJS

You are already a Front end rockstar, you build great interfaces, but always wondered how to:

  1. make your web app more responsive and faster(make it feel like an native app)
  2. use a MV* framework
  3. make your life building the app easier and faster

We will be sharing our experiences of building a complex web app for mobile devices using AngularJS. Attendees can learn from these experiences on what to look out for, while starting to build your AngularJS app and how to embrace this new framework, which is fast becoming the default way of building apps.

This is definitely going to be more than just the 10-15 minute tutorials you find online to build the first Angular JS app.

We will take you through our journey of building the mobile version of EngagementHQ, an online product that is helping hundreds of government entities effectively engage and interact with the local communities in different parts of the world.

The journey will outline:

  1. Why we planned to build this entirely using AngularJS?
  2. The process of building this App, right from UX requirements to actual launch
  3. Real examples of the problems we faced and what we had to unlearn in this process
  4. How we started to enjoy and embrace the AngularJS framework? We will touch upon the following concepts of AngularJS that helped us tackle the various roadblocks encountered
  5. Building routes for apps with multi-level navigation
  6. Managing Complex UI states
  7. Chaining the Flow using deferred objects
  8. Use cases of Events and Directives
  9. Cases in which we changed Angular's default behaviour to get the UX we wanted
  10. Why Domain Specific Language makes sense for your projects and how AngularJS makes this easy?

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