JSFoo chevron_right 2013 Day 1

Using Camera Motion Detection in JS for Gestures based Interaction

The objective of the talk is to show how apps with Gesture based Interactions can be built using a web cam and plain simple HTML5 and JavaScript.

The talk will walk the users through the concept of invoking the camera and detecting motion by using HTML5 canvas and JavaScript.

We will also see how this can be used to build apps, where the users can with the app by making gestures in front of a Camera.

Vinci Rufus heads the eCommerce and Usability Practices at Neev Information Technologies.

He has been building and helping teams build We based applications for the past 12 years now. He started he career building Flash Games and other Rich Internet Applications. He is passionate about Frontend Technologies and Usability and likes dabbling in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

He enjoys conducting workshops and speaking on topics related to frontend technologies.

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