JSFoo chevron_right 2013 Day 1

Om Shankar - Who's Talking | Real-time Peer to Peer collaboration with JS and HTML5

Online Slides: bit.ly/webrtc-prez

Demo App

HTML5 has been upped with WebRTC features that allow us to create a collaboration environment, enabling Real-time Webcam Video sharing, File-transfers, Screen-sharing, Audio recording, etc.

This talk focuses on ways to use JS, HTML and CSS, with new features to build simple yet cool apps, that can replace other desktop apps and browser plugins which have dominated the communication realm on internet.

Developers need to know the new JavaScript APIs introduced in the browser, before things go too far and you have wrappers around everything enveloping the real-stuff.

Important topics:

  1. What is WebRTC and how it works, the architecture and implementation.
  2. New HTML5 APIs in JavaScript that allow accessing Webcam feeds, establishing Data Channels, etc.
  3. The Signaling, Call offers, Call Answers, Reception, STUN & TURN servers, etc.
  4. Peer to Peer transfers of live video streams, arbitrary data, screen-sharing etc.
  5. Creating GIF Animations from recorded video - something personally attempted.
  6. Duplex Server Client Signaling using socket.io (backend) and HTML5 WebSockets (in Browser).
  7. How this can be converted in a Single browser app, which alone can replace native OS apps like Skype, DropBox, Microsoft Linc, Teamviewer, etc.
  8. Some cool Demos and stuff already brewing on internet.

Online Slides: bit.ly/webrtc-prez

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