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Pranay Airan - Forget SQLite and say hello to Realm

Forget SQLite with no SQL database designed for mobile. Realm is not an ORM on top of SQLite. Instead it uses its own persistence engine, built for simplicity & speed. A true cross platform solution that replaces sqllite and core data on android and iOS.

Most android apps requires a persistance storage to provide caching and offline functionalities in the app. Currently there are very limited options avialble for persitance storage, most people rely on SQLite or file storage. If app’s backend is no sql there is an additional overhead of conversion with SQLite. SQLites api’s on android are complicated, most people in turn uses additional ORM layer on the top adding additional complexity.

In this talk we will be talking about Realm, how to use it in your app, perfomrance comparison for read, write, updates. Some pros and cons of using Realm vs sqllite. We will also be comparing realm agains CouchDB Lite another no SQL database for mobile from CouchDB team.

Here is a brief outline of what we will be covering :

= Why a new database - Overview about sqllite, normalizations, pitfalls, queries - Lets look at some other mobile db options available, ORMs, other no sql = What is realm - More info about realm - Info about object references,zero copy etc - How Realm is good for mobile = Benchmark realm agains other db = Architecture of android apps with realm -zero cpy - annotations - realm proxy - pojo = Lets see some code - Add realm in app - Realm Queries, Schemas, Migration, Encryption in relam world - adapters, notifications with real app example = realm browser, stetho integration. = Realm limitations and some info about other DB like couchbase lite.


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