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Soham Mondal - A look at modern protoyping: Sketch, Pixate and more

This is a follow up to my 2012 Droidcon design talk “Android UI prototyping 101: What? Why? How?” and takes a modern look at the various prototyping tools available for android/material design.

There are a lot of really simple yet powerful prototyping tools in the market today and we’ll take a detailed look at some of them like Sketch, Pixate and Marvelapp. This session is great for interaction/visual designers as well as startups in general and will help you create powerful and functional prototypes for your app. Some of the highlights of the talk are

Prototyping: 2012 and now, what’s changed?
Why move from photoshop/illustrator?
Interactive prototypes, what’s so cool about them?
Sketch, why is it awesome
Live demo of Sketch
Sketch: The community angle
Sketchtoolbox: some useful tools
Pixate: A quick overview
Pixate: Sample prototypes
Other prototyping tools: marvelapp
What’s right for you?


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