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Erik André - Memory Dumps: Going beyond the memory leak

Memory dumps have long been used in Java to find and analyze memory related issues such as memory leaks.
However, with the wealth of information available in every memory dump, why are we not using them when trying to analyze other bugs as well?
This session will outline a new way of working with memory dumps what will allow you, the developer, to harness all this powerful information when analyzing crashes and bugs.

Presentation Outline

Who am I? What is Badoo? and why do we care about memory dumps?
What is a memory dump
A brief introduction to memory dumps covering questions such as: What is a memory dump? and What information can we find in a memory dump?
Current use cases
An outline on the most common uses cases for memory dumps (on Android), focusing on memory leaks and OutOfMemoryErrors.
Beyond the memory leak
Looking back at the information that is available to us in a memory dump, what could we do besides use them for finding memory leaks?
The case against HPROF
Why is HPROF not a good file format if you want to go beyond memory leaks? What could be
Introducing BMD
An introduction to the Badoo Memory Dump (BMD) file format and the process that went into developing it as a replacement for HPROF memory dump files.
A comparion of BMD and HPROF, showcasing the advantages of using BMD.
Demo #1: Recovering a View Hierarchy from a memory dump
A real life use case demonstration showing how you can use the tools developed by us at Badoo to extract useful View Hierarchy data from a memory dump.
Demo #2: On device collection and conversion of memory dumps
A quick demo showing how you can integrate our tools for collecting and converting memory dumps into your Android app.


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