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Amit Kapoor - Visualising Multi Dimensional Data

Uploaded in The Fifth Elephant 2015 - Day 2

Even though exploring data visually is an integral part of the data analytic pipeline, we struggle to visually explore data once the number of dimensions go beyond three. This talk will focus on showcasing techniques to visually explore multi dimensional data p 3. The aim would be show examples of each of following techniques, potentially using one exemplar dataset.

Standard 2D/3D Approaches

Aesthetics e.g. Color, Size, Shape
Small Multiples e.g. Trellis / Facets
Matrices Views e.g. SPLOMs
3D Scatterplot
Geometric Transformation Approaches

Alternate Coordinates e.g. Parallel, Star
Projections e.g. Dimensionality Reduction
Glyph based Approaches

Star glyphs
Stick Figures
Pixel based Approaches

Pixel bar charts
Space filling curves
Stacked based Approaches

Dimensional Stacking
Hierarchical Axis
The talk will also explore the role of interaction approaches to enhance our ability to visually explore the multi dimensional data.

Interactive Approaches

Navigation - Pan, Zoom, Scale, Rotate
Selection & Annotation
Filtering - Highlighting, Brushing and Linking
Dynamic Queries

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